Mediation Service that focuses on you and your family's future needs when separating 

Famiky Mediation resolves disputes

How does mediation work?

  • To learn about the mediation process and examine the suitability of your case for mediation, you must first attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), which is normally held on your own for 45 minutes. The meeting is private, and it allows the mediator to understand your reasons for attending and assess your suitability for this process.

  • NEXT, if both parties agree, mediation meetings are scheduled, which typically last 90 minutes and are attended by both of you. Your mediator will aid you in resolving your issues and, ideally, achieving a mutually acceptable solution during the discussions.

  • Following the mediation, the mediator will generate documents describing what you and the other party agreed to during the meetings.

  • The number of meetings will vary depending on your particular circumstances. Still, they will typically be between two and four for financial issues and one for children-specific issues.

  • If you are unable to come to an agreement or one of the parties doesn't want to mediate, the mediator will sign the appropriate court paperwork, allowing you to issue court proceedings.

  • We help to resolve child contact, support, and parenting issues, as well as property and financial issues (housing, assets and liabilities etc.).

  • The sessions are private and will not be utilised in any legal processes. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and each party has the option to exit the meeting at any time.

Our mediation Fees 

Meditation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)
The introductory MIAM meeting costs each party £87.
This is lowered to £47 for Universal Credit recipients.
The charge is £140 (£70 each) if you are comfortable attending the MIAM together.


The charge for a mediation meeting is £140 per person (a 90-minute session).
For child only Mediations, the charge is £100 per person, with a reduction of £50 for clients on Universal Credit.

We can apply on your behalf for a £500.00 government-funded voucher for mediation sessions involving children (not the MIAM meetings); subject to availability. More details of how this works will be discussed at the MIAM. 

Documents we produce 
A Statement of Outcome costs £80 (£40 for each party) for children's issue cases.
There is a £150 document charge for each client (total £300) in mediation cases involving financial concerns, which includes the Open Financial Statement (£100) and Memorandum of Understanding (£200), which can be converted into a Consent Order by your solicitors.


We offer a structured scale of fees if the net marital assets exceed £1 million, which the mediator will review with you during the MIAM meetings.


Are you looking for a dependable Mediation Service? You've come to the right place. We have a team of skilled mediators on hand. Fill out the form and select an appointment time. After you've paid your fee, we'll provide you with a link to the Zoom MIAM meeting. Please note that we do not currently participate in the government's legal aid programme. We do offer Universal Credit clients a reduction in our fees.